Work. Its everywhere, all around us. It’s what we do, where we go, what we talk about. We spend more time working than anything else. We make crazy sacrifices for work. We give up time with our families, friends and with the flat screen. Speaking of flat screen work is all over the television, The Office, Undercover Boss,  30 Rock, CSI (all of them) Grey’s Anatomyand The Apprentice all are shows centered around work and the workforce. 

We all have a HR story to tell, something that happened at work, or in an interview.  Companies are often the villian, and the employee the victim. Most people believe HR is the department where they can go to recieve justice, sympathy and validations. More often that is not the case, employees feel even more victimized.

As HR professionals, its our job to protect the company first and foremost and then the employees. In providing this protection there is enormous amounts of pressure. HR professionals are human but we are there to perform a job and sometimes it gets messy. We want to yell, we want to fuss, we want to cuss but we surpress our urges and fight the good fight. I am hoping to enlighten, learn, entertain and network with this blog.

And with that…let’s get it popping…post away!