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It’s official guys, we are moving. I will have more information this week along with posts. There are a few little kinks to work out but we are dropping the wordpress. More later this week. Stay tuned and stay with me.

Hello, Happy Friday! It’s time for Tidbits & Hotness Vol. 5 and heerreee weee  go!

This week the Supreme Court sided with Wal-Mart in one of the largest discrimination cases in history. Over 1.6M woman joined together to sue Wal-Mart for discrimination, and unfair labor practices.  The High Court said the cases were not related.  Hmpf; 1.6M women file a sexual discrimination case and there is no common link…OKAY.


In other retail news, it seems that a local retail union in New York is targeting Target employees.  Union avoidance is hard enough, and now with social media its darn near impossible. Better treat your folks right you may not be as lucky.


Soda Pop, Soft drinks, Cola; call them what you want, but you may want to call the waist extenders…click here.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that most people do not like their jobs. Well I hate to say I told you so, but huh…just read this.

Finally, you think you get unfair treatment at work, check out this poor lady. In the end, she gets the last laugh.

That’s it folks, it’s been a great week, you guys are reading and commenting, we got 2 new subscribers, and I’ve gotten emails, texts and
phone calls.  Also you can follow me on Twitter @new_resource.  Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading the costofwork.

There are harsh realities in life; certain truths, and no matter how you try to sugar coat it. It’s a cold world and here are some cold blooded facts of work.

Schoolhouse Rock: If you want a career and not a job, if you want to be a role model to your children, if you want a better future; you must get some type of post-secondary education. Associates, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD. Hell! Get some certifications. You got to have something more than a High School diploma.

Sustainability: Keep learning, keep networking, and stay current. Use social media for something constructive. Reach out to old professors and see what’s new in your field. Embrace technology. Take a refresher course. Attend a conference.

Less is more: Lose weight; I heard on the Today Show that an overweight or obese person earns about 200K less in their lifetime. I’m taking my own medicine here. Just gotta do it. I have discussed the benefits of wellness programs, take advantage of them. If your job doesn’t have one, put it in the suggestion box.

The Gambler: “You got to know when to hold ‘em, Know when to fold ‘em, Know when to talk away and know when to run…” Great song! Also true with work. Right now it’s a crazy market. Economic trends and workforce reductions has over half the people working hating their jobs. They are just hanging on waiting for a better opportunity. Companies are laying-off and outsourcing; average career length is declining. You have to know when to stay and when it’s time to move on. Tricky but odds are you are not going to retire from your current organization.

And finally, don’t feel sorry for yourself, no one else will. Keep looking, keep searching, keep networking, something will happen. No one said the costofwork was cheap.

I was lucky; I had someone to teach me about the pitfalls of life, love and the pursuit of happiness. I had several people actually. It takes a village to raise a child, right? Although my father was absent, I still had some male presence in my life. Doing laundry, mopping floors, cooking, washing dishes; and I ain’t talking about loading a machine either.  Not to mention gardening; planting fruits and vegetables.  These are chores traditionally associated with women, but my grandfather taught me those things.  He would pick me up on the weekend and during school breaks. He’d tell me that a man needs to know how to take care of himself. He’d say “Son, you never know where life is going to take you; you may be single, like me and need to do these things for yourself.” He also taught me how to cut grass, clip hedges, hang out at the barbershop or neighborhood mechanic’s garage and talk with the boys. As I got older he would tell me the stories about what happened with him and my grandmother; why they divorced. My grandfather had 5 children and he was not always the best husband but he did work, and he did sacrifice his dreams to provide for his family. I get my work ethic from him and I miss him.

I also had my uncle. He’s only 6 years older than me, and at first we were more like brothers. But there is a lot of learning that goes on in 6 years, my uncle began to experience things that I had to wait for. He began to take on more of a mentor and fatherly role in my life. He is my role model. He laid down a blue print for me. He also made some hard choices and never asked for a hand out. When money for college ran out, he went to the military. When he needed something, he didn’t ask for any gifts, he went out and got it. When we found out he was going to be a dad, he went back to school to make a better life for family. He always encourages me to be my best. I can call on him any time and he is there when I need him.

On this Father’s Day, I want to give a big shout out to the two men that taught me the most about life, work, love, survival, discipline and sacrifices. If that isn’t fatherhood, I don’t know what is.

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