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Aretha Franklin sang “Let’s go back, let’s go back, let’s go way on way back when.”  That song came to me when I was thinking about the fact that we have been in a recession now for more than 10 years. Remember the late 90’s when the money was flowing and the jobs were plentiful?  Things are starting to get better but I read something recently that predicted an end to the recession is still 5 years away.  Even when that happens you can best believe wages won’t be recovering.  Companies are not making the same offers that they once were.  Salaries may be competitive but they are what I call “recession competitive” which means, they are in align with what most companies are offering now, but below pre-recession days.  More with less, I get it, that’s the name of the game and we have to re-evaluate our spending, needs and desires.

Companies are getting more creative with their compensation packages, because applicants are savvier.  Wellness programs, fringe benefits, deferred compensation packages, going green initiatives, gas cards and discounts and even student loan repayment assistance are all sexy options that can lure talent to your organization.  Another huge benefit nowadays; workers want time away from the office, they are willing to make direct compensation sacrifices for more time off.  I tell my folks all the time, don’t be surprised by some of the salary offers you receive check out the other benefits before making your decision.  Recently I read a CEO of a small company, decided to go with the 4-day work week.  His reasoning is no one really works on Fridays anyway, so just drop it altogether and work 4 ten hour days.  Something to consider, it’s a fact Friday’s are usually casual and the least productive day of the week. And many folks believe with technology being so advanced that they can complete their work in less than 8 hours, so why stick around the office, playing solitaire and facebooking friends?

Applicants ask questions, get all the benefit information then decide.  HR Managers be competitive the workforce is changing; you can offer all types of things that can help you get your person without going broke.


I’m excited to introduce my new series titled “Tidbits and Hotness”.  I am going to make this a weekly series posted on Friday’s.  It will be brief and will consist of articles, links, videos or blogs that I have seen throughout the week and feel deserves a little attention. It may be business, HR, or humor or just cool stuff.  So without further delay, I present Tidbits and Hotness

Still get a lot of questions on resumes, I found this and I hope it helps.

I remember reading something about the pay gap difference being a myth.  If you believe that then you should read this…(In my Fred G. Sanford voice) “You big dummy!”

Did you know that the hair weave business is a multi-billion dollar industry?  As a result some women spend thousands on them. Check this young lady out. The original article has been removed, so I am posting a link to her home page. Check out the business model. You will not believe the cost.

I’m not gonna make friends with this one, in fact I can see the twitter followers dropping now. However I will use the same honesty I used with “Getting in Shape” for this post.  Let me preface this by saying, in my professional HR network there are a lot of smart, knowledgeable, funny, positive, helpful people.  These folks love HR and want to help people be better workers and leaders. BUT, there are a few who I have come across that seem to be very hmmm, how do I say it? Negative. They seem to advise people NOT to do this or that, or not to try something.   I believe there’s a difference in offering someone advice based on experience or knowledge but I don’t believe you should deter anyone from pursuing their passion…What kind of ole hater foolishness is that? Ole Hater!

I wonder what would have happened if Dr. King had listen to the naysayers, he may be alive but where would Civil Rights be? Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.  Ralph Lauren was told he could not succeed. If “insert successful person here” had listen to negative people, then they wouldn’t be successful. The list goes on and on, so when someone tells you “no”, ask yourself why?  I tell people all the time, whatever you want to do, there is someone making money doing it right now. So go for it. I rarely ever tell someone, you should not do this or that, unless it is detrimental to their health.

I titled this piece “Get Out” for all those who are working in a profession that they do not love, just getting a paycheck.  AND those that feel the concept, follow your passion is some Oprah trumped up bullcrap, then GET OUT!  Stop taking for granted the position you have, and stop whining.  Stop wasting everyone’s time. Stop giving lip service. Stop pretending to care. Let those of us who love what we do and genuinely want to make our profession better take over.  Better yet, the competitive side of me says, don’t leave; that way we can put you out, take the pebble out of the your hand,  overthrow your passionless, negative, lazy reign and restore peace and balance to the force! Passionate Pros Unite!

Exercise, you may love it (i hate it), but we all need it. Working out takes discipline, dedication, patience, attention and sustainability. The more I think about it, it’s a lot like anything else in life. Looking for work, trying to start work, keeping work, making money, keeping money and saving money, relationships…you name it. If you do not work out; it can also cost you money and opportunity. Will Smith said it best, “It’s better to be ready than to get ready.”  I must say he is right. Ever try to get into shape after letting things go? Some folks have obvious problems, some folks may look fit on the outside but be all messed inside. 

Companies are investing more and more in wellness programs.   It’s smart business and it’s the right thing to do. Wellness at the workplace helps employees see just how dedicated their employers are to the overall health of its workforce. There are many studies that show companies that have fitness centers and wellness programs, save money on health insurance claims. There’s a direct correlation to being physically fit and happiness.  It’s a win, win!!!

I can give you all the excuses in the world for not doing it; I’m too busy, I got kids, I got to cook, I got to do this and that. But look, if the President and many other very busy people can find 30 minutes to work out, you can too.

So read this article and get to it.

I said it once and I will say it again; Get your game up. That’s right; you think you know business, you think you know the way things work?  Social Media is exploding right in front of your eyes. You have a nice resume, business plan and marketing strategy? Think again! It’s a true game changer in the world of business and work.  And you just thought it was for dirty pics, gossip and keeping up with Kim and them.

Look at this article about LinkedIn. That site is on the rise. Networking, it’s all about you who know. If you didn’t know before, you know now. Clean up your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn accounts.  The day of the resume is numbered, its going by way of the dinosaur. I read several articles this week about how your internet image is going to be the wave of the future and it’s starting now. I’m not saying you won’t need a resume, but its need to be on your LinkedIn profile. You need a webpage with your bio and picture on it.  These things are coming and coming fast. Remember when you could get away with having a business without a webpage? Those days are gone, if you don’t have a webpage, an email, and social media presence, you will be left in the dust.

Next, for all you marketing folks, now I will admit I am late on this one, just like I was late on the power of the twitter. I never thought about how you can make money using Twitter until I began using it. Most folks misuse it. Baby, Baby, Baby ohh, You should check out how this young man used his twitter power; also these folks that get paid to tweet. Look at the going rate!  This is the memo, you have been advised!

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