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Hello, Happy Friday! It’s time for Tidbits & Hotness Vol. 5 and heerreee weee  go!

This week the Supreme Court sided with Wal-Mart in one of the largest discrimination cases in history. Over 1.6M woman joined together to sue Wal-Mart for discrimination, and unfair labor practices.  The High Court said the cases were not related.  Hmpf; 1.6M women file a sexual discrimination case and there is no common link…OKAY.


In other retail news, it seems that a local retail union in New York is targeting Target employees.  Union avoidance is hard enough, and now with social media its darn near impossible. Better treat your folks right you may not be as lucky.


Soda Pop, Soft drinks, Cola; call them what you want, but you may want to call the waist extenders…click here.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that most people do not like their jobs. Well I hate to say I told you so, but huh…just read this.

Finally, you think you get unfair treatment at work, check out this poor lady. In the end, she gets the last laugh.

That’s it folks, it’s been a great week, you guys are reading and commenting, we got 2 new subscribers, and I’ve gotten emails, texts and
phone calls.  Also you can follow me on Twitter @new_resource.  Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading the costofwork.


There are harsh realities in life; certain truths, and no matter how you try to sugar coat it. It’s a cold world and here are some cold blooded facts of work.

Schoolhouse Rock: If you want a career and not a job, if you want to be a role model to your children, if you want a better future; you must get some type of post-secondary education. Associates, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD. Hell! Get some certifications. You got to have something more than a High School diploma.

Sustainability: Keep learning, keep networking, and stay current. Use social media for something constructive. Reach out to old professors and see what’s new in your field. Embrace technology. Take a refresher course. Attend a conference.

Less is more: Lose weight; I heard on the Today Show that an overweight or obese person earns about 200K less in their lifetime. I’m taking my own medicine here. Just gotta do it. I have discussed the benefits of wellness programs, take advantage of them. If your job doesn’t have one, put it in the suggestion box.

The Gambler: “You got to know when to hold ‘em, Know when to fold ‘em, Know when to talk away and know when to run…” Great song! Also true with work. Right now it’s a crazy market. Economic trends and workforce reductions has over half the people working hating their jobs. They are just hanging on waiting for a better opportunity. Companies are laying-off and outsourcing; average career length is declining. You have to know when to stay and when it’s time to move on. Tricky but odds are you are not going to retire from your current organization.

And finally, don’t feel sorry for yourself, no one else will. Keep looking, keep searching, keep networking, something will happen. No one said the costofwork was cheap.

Today, we’re talking about knowing when you have hit a glass ceiling. I’ve had a lot of conversations with people who feel that they’ve accomplished all that they can in their current position. They can’t seem to get a promotion and move up in their career.  This is known as the glass ceiling effect, don’t be believe the hype, there’s a glass ceiling at your company. There is maximum position that you can achieve.  Not everyone can be CEO. For some it’s higher than others. Unfortunately, it’s not fair, but life’s not fair. Some folks create their own glass ceiling and it’s pretty low. Here’s what happens.

  1. You have a poor attitude. I said it before; no one wants to work with a jerk. No matter how talented you are, if you are not a nice person, you will not move too far.
  2. You are unprofessional, I made this separate because I’ve seen nice folks but they do not know how to behave in a professional setting. They tend to say something or do something that is off-putting or awkward.  I’ve seen this happen and the person just doesn’t know better.
  3. You feel entitled, entitlement is a killer, once you feel that you deserve anything, and shouldn’t have to work on it; career suicide.
  4. You are detached; you just don’t care. You do the minimum amount of what’s asked of you.
  5. You are a kiss up; no one likes a brown noser, a yes man/woman. You have no opinion or anything constructive to add to the situation.

You may see jerks and brown nosers get a promotion or two, and that may be enough for them however they will never make it to the pinnacle.

Now let’s say you are a good person, hard worker, difference maker, well educated, team player, but still you just can’t get over the hump. Well it happens, here are some signs you are experiencing a glass ceiling by no fault of your own.

  1. The company’s organization culture is set to where you work until retirement and then the next tenured person takes over. This happens in most government or state (public) employers.
  2. The company is having financial problems. Hiring freezes, reorganizations, buyouts, mergers, lots of confusion, work force reductions, and wage freezes.  There may be lateral movement but not too many promotions happen during this time.
  3. The boss; you just don’t see eye to eye.  You don’t have to have fights, or arguments, could just be a weird relationship. We call that fit, you just don’t fit.
  4. You’re looked over for promotions with little to no explanation. “It’s not you, we found someone who is more qualified or a better fit” Uh yeah, if this happens more than once, it may be time to go.
  5. You’re not challenged in your position and you see no career pathing. You can do the job in your sleep. You want more of a challenge, but there is not one available. Dust off the resume.

It’s tough making a decision to move forward to another company. We get so invested in our companies and out titles that we become emotionally tied to our job. Leaving is like leaving family, some compare it to a death in the family.  Remember you have to make the best decision for you and your real family. You can stay connected through social media now. So it’s not goodbye, it’s so long for now.

Age before beauty, a funny little thing you can say when opening the door for your parents.  Funny as it may seem, it’s starting to be the norm in our society.  We have a big youth movement taking place. You may have also heard this one, 30 is the new 20; 40 is the new 30, and so on and so on.  Sounds like a blatant attempt to market oneself to a new generation.  Sure there are some 40 year olds that look pretty good, and some 50 year olds that don’t look 50 at all. I believe this age obsession started in the 90’s.  Remember when President Clinton was in office; he was considered a young man.  Before Clinton there was Bush Sr, he was 65 when he took office, Regan was 69.  Clinton was 46 at the time he took office; W. Bush was 55 and Obama was only 47.

Hey I am not discriminating, I feel all too often we dismiss our seasoned workforce instead of understanding and respecting that they prescribe to a different set of work ethics, morals and concepts.  And in work, just as in life, whenever we encounter something we don’t want to deal with we alienate it and eliminate it.  However, I have tried to talk and explain to some of them the need to continue to be flexible and learn new things.  And I will say entitlement and seniority come into play and it’s a hard sell.  I once worked for an HR Director that said he’d never go back to school again or take any training or refresher courses.  I figured he had his reasons but you can’t afford to have that mindset, you have to keep learning, and growing or you will become extinct.  It’s going to be very hard for him to use THE TWITTER or THE LINKEDIN.

In my Human Resource network, I learned that there are a few of us looking for our next opportunity.  I suspect that they will find that it’s not as easy as it once was re-entering the job market.  It’s not impossible just tougher; employers want the next best thing.  Whose hot, what’s next, just like the average consumer, they want the latest version so they can customize to meet their needs.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  However let’s remember that older employers can really help your organization.  So while you are selecting your top candidates, try a little Age before Beauty.

Aretha Franklin sang “Let’s go back, let’s go back, let’s go way on way back when.”  That song came to me when I was thinking about the fact that we have been in a recession now for more than 10 years. Remember the late 90’s when the money was flowing and the jobs were plentiful?  Things are starting to get better but I read something recently that predicted an end to the recession is still 5 years away.  Even when that happens you can best believe wages won’t be recovering.  Companies are not making the same offers that they once were.  Salaries may be competitive but they are what I call “recession competitive” which means, they are in align with what most companies are offering now, but below pre-recession days.  More with less, I get it, that’s the name of the game and we have to re-evaluate our spending, needs and desires.

Companies are getting more creative with their compensation packages, because applicants are savvier.  Wellness programs, fringe benefits, deferred compensation packages, going green initiatives, gas cards and discounts and even student loan repayment assistance are all sexy options that can lure talent to your organization.  Another huge benefit nowadays; workers want time away from the office, they are willing to make direct compensation sacrifices for more time off.  I tell my folks all the time, don’t be surprised by some of the salary offers you receive check out the other benefits before making your decision.  Recently I read a CEO of a small company, decided to go with the 4-day work week.  His reasoning is no one really works on Fridays anyway, so just drop it altogether and work 4 ten hour days.  Something to consider, it’s a fact Friday’s are usually casual and the least productive day of the week. And many folks believe with technology being so advanced that they can complete their work in less than 8 hours, so why stick around the office, playing solitaire and facebooking friends?

Applicants ask questions, get all the benefit information then decide.  HR Managers be competitive the workforce is changing; you can offer all types of things that can help you get your person without going broke.

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