As we proceed to give you what you need, Happy Friday, I’ll be brief! I know you have sun tanning to do stay hydrated.  Here are some things I have seen throughout the week and I think you might like.

1st, Work Coach Café  is another HR Blog by Ronnie Ann, it’s extremely informative.  I am hooked on it like Starbucks.  I have gotten a lot of tips that have helped me to change my resume and my interview answers.  Check her out, in fact save her as a favorite, I did.

2nd, It’s another blog; this one is about being on budget. Now, I will say it’s a lot of reading but it’s worth it, plus this young lady Stephanie Rauterkus is an accomplished speaker.  Her blog is nominated for a couple of 2011 Black Weblogs Awards.

The final one, I just think is funny. You may have heard about this one.  This movie theater in Texas has a no text messaging policy.  Well they had to kick someone out for violating the rule, and she called back and gave them a piece of her mind (small piece) and they turned around and made a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT…click here