Age before beauty, a funny little thing you can say when opening the door for your parents.  Funny as it may seem, it’s starting to be the norm in our society.  We have a big youth movement taking place. You may have also heard this one, 30 is the new 20; 40 is the new 30, and so on and so on.  Sounds like a blatant attempt to market oneself to a new generation.  Sure there are some 40 year olds that look pretty good, and some 50 year olds that don’t look 50 at all. I believe this age obsession started in the 90’s.  Remember when President Clinton was in office; he was considered a young man.  Before Clinton there was Bush Sr, he was 65 when he took office, Regan was 69.  Clinton was 46 at the time he took office; W. Bush was 55 and Obama was only 47.

Hey I am not discriminating, I feel all too often we dismiss our seasoned workforce instead of understanding and respecting that they prescribe to a different set of work ethics, morals and concepts.  And in work, just as in life, whenever we encounter something we don’t want to deal with we alienate it and eliminate it.  However, I have tried to talk and explain to some of them the need to continue to be flexible and learn new things.  And I will say entitlement and seniority come into play and it’s a hard sell.  I once worked for an HR Director that said he’d never go back to school again or take any training or refresher courses.  I figured he had his reasons but you can’t afford to have that mindset, you have to keep learning, and growing or you will become extinct.  It’s going to be very hard for him to use THE TWITTER or THE LINKEDIN.

In my Human Resource network, I learned that there are a few of us looking for our next opportunity.  I suspect that they will find that it’s not as easy as it once was re-entering the job market.  It’s not impossible just tougher; employers want the next best thing.  Whose hot, what’s next, just like the average consumer, they want the latest version so they can customize to meet their needs.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  However let’s remember that older employers can really help your organization.  So while you are selecting your top candidates, try a little Age before Beauty.