Hello all, 2nd edition of my new Friday series, Tidbits and Hotness; a collection of things I saw during the week that I think you should check out. So here we go, as we proceed to give you what you need.

I’ve been stressing to my clients to get on the internet and use these social media sites.  Maybe this article will help you. By the way, I’m on THE TWITTER, @new_resource.

And now check out this one, tips on creating your account

Next, remember I told you not to listen to doubters. Who says you can’t make a living blogging, not me and not these folks.

From the files of “Are you kidding me?” read this article, if you dare!


We said  goodbye to Oprah last week and then Shaq retired, two folks that you can learn a lot about sustainability, building a brand, or an empire and just good people.