I’m excited to introduce my new series titled “Tidbits and Hotness”.  I am going to make this a weekly series posted on Friday’s.  It will be brief and will consist of articles, links, videos or blogs that I have seen throughout the week and feel deserves a little attention. It may be business, HR, or humor or just cool stuff.  So without further delay, I present Tidbits and Hotness

Still get a lot of questions on resumes, I found this and I hope it helps.

I remember reading something about the pay gap difference being a myth.  If you believe that then you should read this…(In my Fred G. Sanford voice) “You big dummy!”

Did you know that the hair weave business is a multi-billion dollar industry?  As a result some women spend thousands on them. Check this young lady out. The original article has been removed, so I am posting a link to her home page. Check out the business model. You will not believe the cost.