I’m not gonna make friends with this one, in fact I can see the twitter followers dropping now. However I will use the same honesty I used with “Getting in Shape” for this post.  Let me preface this by saying, in my professional HR network there are a lot of smart, knowledgeable, funny, positive, helpful people.  These folks love HR and want to help people be better workers and leaders. BUT, there are a few who I have come across that seem to be very hmmm, how do I say it? Negative. They seem to advise people NOT to do this or that, or not to try something.   I believe there’s a difference in offering someone advice based on experience or knowledge but I don’t believe you should deter anyone from pursuing their passion…What kind of ole hater foolishness is that? Ole Hater!

I wonder what would have happened if Dr. King had listen to the naysayers, he may be alive but where would Civil Rights be? Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.  Ralph Lauren was told he could not succeed. If “insert successful person here” had listen to negative people, then they wouldn’t be successful. The list goes on and on, so when someone tells you “no”, ask yourself why?  I tell people all the time, whatever you want to do, there is someone making money doing it right now. So go for it. I rarely ever tell someone, you should not do this or that, unless it is detrimental to their health.

I titled this piece “Get Out” for all those who are working in a profession that they do not love, just getting a paycheck.  AND those that feel the concept, follow your passion is some Oprah trumped up bullcrap, then GET OUT!  Stop taking for granted the position you have, and stop whining.  Stop wasting everyone’s time. Stop giving lip service. Stop pretending to care. Let those of us who love what we do and genuinely want to make our profession better take over.  Better yet, the competitive side of me says, don’t leave; that way we can put you out, take the pebble out of the your hand,  overthrow your passionless, negative, lazy reign and restore peace and balance to the force! Passionate Pros Unite!