With the national unemployment rate hovering around 10% it’s hard to find work. Then you add in types of jobs and salaries that are available and job searching can be down-right depressing. Most companies want you to go to their website and apply through their application database, which is very time consuming. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. So here’s what I suggest you do.

First: Stop crying, it’s hard out here for everyone. Is it fair, probably not, but it is what it is so get to work. Update your resume. If you have a computer or access to a computer, there are examples in your Microsoft Word program. You don’t have Word? Well there are examples on line, just search for them. Don’t be proud; let someone else look at it. Ask them to look for spelling and other grammatical errors.

Next: Don’t be lazy. As I mentioned earlier, job hunting can be time consuming; it can take 30 minutes to apply for one position. Again, this is the process, sometimes this is done by design, to see how committed you are. Employers want to see if you can focus and sit through their process.

Also: Network, talk to your friends about jobs and opportunities. Most folks get their jobs through a reference. You never know who they may know and may be in a position to help you. Use your social media contacts. Ask your Facebook friends and tweet about your situation. Use LinkedIn, I know 2 people who found employment on LinkedIn.

While we are on social media, lots of people feel that social media is for personal and private use, well that is one way to look at it, but it’s not true. There are millions of dollars being made on those sites so it is a business. Ethics is a very costly variable when making a hiring decision, one that you can’t measure in the application process. Unethical behavior costs companies millions each year, and it’s only smart to use any legal means available to try to limit this liability. If an employer sees potential for unethical behavior it cannot be ignored. Clean up your profiles, take the nude shots off, remove the drunken embarrassing photos, remove any racially or sexually discriminating evidence and anything else you would not want to be seen on the news.

Last: Don’t be complacent, sometimes we get so comfortable where we are, that we allow complacency to set it. I am embarrassed to admit it, but I have done that in the past. I allowed myself to stay at a job because it was easier than going through all the steps above to find a new job. Complacency can kill careers, dreams and lifestyles. If you settle for a ho-hum job, then you will have a ho-hum life. Look at successful people in life, they did not sit at home or stuck in the same job and just pray for a miracle. They went out and knocked on doors, rang phones, shook hands, and kept trying to get more.

Closing: Don’t be a quitter; no one likes a quitter, not even you. Don’t give up on yourself. Keep looking, keep applying, and don’t be discouraged. If you don’t know, now you know.