Some of you HR professional may not have had this happen lately, so try to think back. The rest of you, just listen. Sometimes when I talk to friends and family it’s like they don’t really believe me or take my information until they hear it from another source. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I advised someone close to me of something Human Resource related only for them to tell me later, that they read or saw someone else say the same thing, and now they believe me. “Hey man, you were right!” yeah no sh!t Sherlock!

But sometimes, every once and a while, someone says something to me that humbles me…They pay me a huge compliment by telling me how my advice or blog helped them. In the industry, we call it a testimonial, and here it is… After reading my post titled “Accountability” My friend David told me “Went on an interview today and they asked me the question … I got the contract!!!” And someone else told me that they took some advice on creating a social media profile, and now they are getting more job interviews. Finally, I have had several people tell me that because of the blog, they have gained more understanding of the HR process within their own jobs.

Kobe Bryant often times talk about being a student of the game of basketball, after 15 years of being a professional, he still studies it. I am still a student of HR, years after graduation and working, I’m still learning because things change. People change; workforces change, laws change and HR professionals have to change.  I read a lot of stuff on these blogs some of it I like, some not so much, but I consider it because it’s valid. From a standpoint that these are the HR professionals making and enforcing the rules, so I can’t dismiss it if I like it or not, it’s out there.  I take it, process it with along with what I have experienced in my lifetime and then offer my spin on it. And my spin is pure awesomeness!