I love Human Resources. I also love the Celebrity Apprentice. I been watching it for years, since it was the regular Apprentice, and Omarosa was on. I watched the latest episode, in which NBC has been hyping, even before this season aired. And it lived up to the hype. If you don’t know, it was Nene Leaks vs. Starr Jones; street cred vs. Corporate pedigree. Nene is a reality star, known for her temper, on the Bravo network series “Real Housewives of Atlanta” which is interesting because most of them are single or divorced, and work, which would mean they’re not by definition HOUSE WIVES! It’s a shame I know too much about that crap.

NBC, in what was a brilliant move to gain ratings and a connection to a certain demographic, got Nene to join the cast. And to heighten the drama they added Starr Jones, famed lawyer, former co-anchor of the View, and uh…well read her bio. They would seem to be polar opposites. But not so fast, Nene is no dummy; she plays the game too, just differently. Fact is, some people love Nene. She has a pretty impressive following of her own, over 369k on Twitter. (way more than me) They are attracted to her upfront, in your face, outspoken, call-you-out, confrontational style.

But does that style translate in the business world? I’m watching this episode and in the beginning, the host is explaining the task and selecting the project manager; Nene goes “bananas” on Starr. This can only be described as a verbal onslaught, a profanity laden diatribe, of hate and intimidation and she called another teammate a puppet. It was ugly, like death sucking on a soda cracker!

No surprise to anyone with any leadership skills, they lost the challenge. And here is why they lost, you cannot “diss” your employees, co-workers or team mates and then expect them to produce. Team morale and production is a direct reflection of leadership or a lack there of. Leaders with poor communication skills; abusive, unprofessional or no communication at all, will totally alienate and demoralize team members. Once that happens the team members become unattached, disconnected and indifferent. The team dynamic is delicate, very fragile and can be broken easily. Sometimes it can be unidentified elements, like outside competition or internal jealously that could tear it apart. Bad communication, morale and attitudes are like fungus; they will spread and grow until eliminated. You can’t destroy your team chemistry and expect to win, that’s bad leadership. It’s the job of the “project manager” or leader to hold a team together. Hopefully, it is understood that what was seen on television is entertainment. But be warned, if you choose to follow the Nene Model of Leadership; be prepared to lose, just as she did.