I am taking a page out of Donald Trump’s book; I’m going to do something that I have never done before and not sure if I will do again. I’m going to talk about politics on my blog.  Now last night some of us saw Donald Trump allow a fired contestant to return to the Celebrity Apprentice. That was a first, but we also saw another first. The current President of the United States interrupts national broadcast television to make an historic announcement.

In that, if you were watching you should have noticed much more.  In the recent weeks, Donald Trump had taken it upon himself to question the citizenship of the President.  Trump had been on day-time news outlets and entertainment news magazines, demanding our President show his long form birth record.  Trump made sweeping accusations and generalizations, which caused some people, who just aren’t ready to accept that we have a black President to call in the question his entire candidacy. It’s truly quite amazing stuff.  Think about this, you have a sitting President’s legitimacy, challenged by a business man, best known for his television personality.  When the news of the night started to come out, leaked by social media and the news networks, before the President could deliver it himself, we learned Osama Bin Laden had been killed.

Bin Laden, enemy of the USA, the man largely responsible for the destruction of the twin towers that prominently stood in the New York City skyline. Those symbols of ingenuity, financial stability, strength and economic power, came tumbling down September 11, 2001, after American airplanes were sky-jacked by terrorist under Bid Laden’s support and plan. Over two thousand people lost their lives on that day.

Upon instruction of the President Barack Obama, American soldiers; Navy Seals, using intelligence gain in the field, along with a strategic plan, set out in the cover of night and found Bid Laden.  A plan developed by this President, not former President Bush or Clinton, both of whom made attempts on Bid Laden and failed.  It has been almost 10 years since Bid Laden attacked America, on its own soil, with its own machines, using its own basic right; freedom.

You may have seen Trump’s show get interrupt, and you may have seen the news anchors tell us what was about to be said but you should have seen an end to a reign of terror (not that terrorism is over). You should have seen justice, you should have seen pride restored, and you should have seen respect and admiration for our soldiers.  You should have seen what a REAL PRESIDENT has to deal with, and you should have seen the difference in an INTELLIGENT PRESIDENT resolving real issues while dealing with nonsense Trumped up by a reality personality. President Obama may make it look easy but it’s not and last night he gave us a dose of true REALITY.