When I learned about the current Carnival of HR topic; showing the love and shouting out someone else’s blog, I was interested but not quite sure how to articulate what I wanted to say and how. Nevertheless here it goes; Most of you know I am new to this blog community and trying to blaze a trail without reinventing the wheel.

Well in the infancy stages, while researching human resource blogs, I came across the EVIL HR Lady. The moniker was enough to intrigue me and her articles and postings were pretty good too. They were thought provoking, insightful and informative. At the time, I was still not sure if this was something that I wanted to be involved in and not sure if blogs really had an impact. Until one day, I read a post and the subsequent comments, the post was about bullying. The article made excellent points about passing legislation regarding bullying but the reaction was down right, wrong! It got ugly, and personal. I found myself awaiting her response to these personal attacks.

Finally there it was, she allowed all the comments to come in and take shots, uncalled for shots, before she responded. This let me know she did not lose her temper and lash back causing a confrontational exchange. She responded with intelligence, respect and just a bit of clarity. Clearly she handled it in a very professional manner, far better than I could have handled it, which taught me a lesson. Not everyone is going to agree with you, and more over not everyone is going to like you, or going to play nice. I saw for myself that blogs can generate conversation, critical thinking and controversy.
I gained more respect for the Evil HR Lady; I believe it’s your response to adversity in life that defines you. Some of my all-time favorite people were disrespected in the same way for posing a different point of view, or representing another perspective. And that’s how I knew I was doing the right thing. Hey! Suzanne Lucas, Evil HR Lady, thanks, you helped me to blog.