Man, I read a lot! I feel like I’m back at Ohio State, reading and reading and thinking and thinking but I love Human Resources, so it all good.  I notice elements of Human Resources in many aspects of my day to day life, for example, when I’m driving and someone passes me who is obviously speeding; I think, gas is too high to be speeding like that. (economics) Or if I go someplace and receive poor service, I think; who trained them, I wonder if the manager knows about this poor performance? (training/development/feedback/leadership)  I could go on but that’s not the POINT.  Which brings me to my point, kinda…I read so much stuff from so many others I often wonder, what’s their point? Not so much as what is the point of the post, but of the blog? What are trying to say? Who is your audience? This is ironic because I am asked these questions all the time.  But I’m asked by those you either already know Human Resources or do not THINK they can benefit from my blog.

There are some great professional blogs out there. I read a lot of them. What I’ve found lately, is that everyone is asking everyone to read everything post on this or that, but do they read them. People are busy, you got to work, meetings, family, reality TV and pictures of celebrities to look at, am I right?  Uh well, let’s move on. So it’s understandable, I mean there is a lot of information to read.

When I read these things; blogs, articles, news boards, books, and even working with current college students, I have to remind myself, what’s my point and who am I trying to reach. Here’s the answer; I have immediate and ultimate goals. My immediate goal is to network. That’s a short answer but to expand on that, I want to reach as many people as I can, in order to disseminate, receive and share helpful professional information. I hope it helps the “average joe” become a better applicant and worker, by being prepared.  I hope it helps HR Professionals in their day-to–day practices by reminding them that we are the ones making the critical decisions that bring about change in an organization. It’s up to us to change the negative perception of Human Resources, and we can do it and still protect the company and still protect confidentiality. I think sometimes when you are around like minded people and you all are saying the same thing, its easy to become comfortable and disregard different experiences. When someone has a different opinion from my own, I examine it more. Is it truthful, hurtful, helpful, uncomfortable or just something I don’t want to hear. I think that’s where growth is obtained.

So I may have to drop some motivational or inspirational posts. I may have to show off that high powered knowledge and vast experience but it’s all part of the goal. And that’s my point, so if you don’t know, now you know.