I grew up in Memphis, TN., until I went to undergraduate school in Iowa, I had never spent much time out of the south. Even now as I think about it, most family vacations were in the south; Gatlinburg, Orlando, Hot Springs, St. Louis, and Atlanta, never anything too far north. So there I was, a young man from the south, in Iowa adjusting to a different climate, culture and religion. Did I mention I went to a Catholic University? Okay, so here it is in February, and I am walking across campus, and I see a classmate approaching. She says “Hey Chris!” “Hi” I responded but I noticed and was taken aback because she had something on her forehead. But I didn’t say anything because I was kind of shocked.

As I continue on, I saw more and more students with this “smudge” on their forehead. I get to class, and I sit next to a buddy; he doesn’t have it on his head. I said to him, “Hey, why does everyone have dirt on their forehead?” He laughed and said, “Dude! its Ash Wednesday, you thought that was dirt?” He proceeds to school me on the matter. I know, embarrassing right? And did I mention I had a work-study job in the school’s Chapel reporting to a Nun. Good ole Sister Judy. I learned a lesson that day, there is a big ole world out with a lot of different people in it.

For those of you who have given something up for Lent, or have to help out with the Easter Egg Hunt or just plan on eating a big Easter Meal and chilling out, HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND.