Good news from the recession! Things are tough out there for millions of Americans and when things are hard for the majority of Americans; they are harder for the minorities. There are all kinds of statistics about unemployment, underemployment, joblessness, the labor force and the workforce. Especially hit hard is the African American community. Although African Americans only make up 12.6% of the population (according to the Census), Africa Americans make up 15% of the unemployed labor force. (Bureau of labor statistics) It’s not pretty, but here is a glimmer of hope, seems in the past few years black owned businesses are on the rise. African Americans are using their skills, experience and knowledge to strike out on their own. More and more African Americans are finding success in ownership.
Look at Oprah, after a failed relationship with the Oxygen Network; she struck out on her OWN. Could it be because many African Americans experience some sort of “glass ceiling” in corporate America? Or maybe they are not afforded same opportunities as others? Maybe it’s the lack of education or experience? Maybe it’s poor networking or patience? Pick one!
Have confidence in your dream, and go for it. If you have a passion for it, work hard and remain positive (recall to positivity post) you can be a success.
Good news here!