No one likes a tattle-tale, rat or snitch! Call it what you want but it’s all the same. We are conditioned not tell when we see things happen. As kids we alienate the other kids that tell the teacher on us. In the community, crimes go unsolved and people live in fear because they do not want to be labeled a snitch. And rat, is a rat, will dime you out, tell on you, can’t be trusted; I will refrain from any mob reference although I am thinking about it.
In HR and the law there is a concept called the whistleblower, who is a person that alerts the authorities regarding wrong doings. This could be something, like March Madness basketball gambling, a quid pro quo relationship, something discriminatory, or theft. (You get it) But then there are the big ones, whistleblowers or tipsters that learn something about their company that could bring it to its knees. Blowing the whistle is not as easy as you may think, you have to be credible, collect evidence and believe it or not work in silence. When a company is committing an illegal act, more times than not they are aware, I mean these companies have legal departments and lawyers on staff. The whistleblower has to be very careful not to tell anyone that they can’t trust. They usually go to an outside agency for help.
Think about Tom Cruise in the Firm, his character realized the Firm was guilty of mail fraud and that is how he was able to win. So you say, I would never snitch, never! Well what if you could get a reward? Check out this article about Johnson and Johnson, I would not be surprise if this becomes a movie at some point….