When trying to accomplish a goal, if it’s getting a job, starting a business, starting a work out plan or just living life, you have to be positive. I used to hear that “Birds of a feather flock together” and “If you lie down with dogs, you get flees” or “You attract more bees with a little bit of honey then you can with salt.” Insert your cliché here about behavior or association but actually there is truth to it. Having apositive attitude and surrounding yourself with positive people can help you achieve and accomplish anything.

I have been thinking about this a lot, there are always going to be people that will try to deter you. New ideas are often met with doubt; unless it is a sure thing, a can’t miss then everyone is on board.  Remaining positive and believing in you can pay big dividends.  If you research some of the world’s richest people, you will find that the majority of them never finished college. Not that education isn’t important because it is, but those folks had ideas and pursued them. They were turned down, and rejected but they remained positive and stuck to their guns.  Certainly they built some positive relationships and surrounded themselves with like-minded people.

This same concept applies to HR and the average job seeker.  If you maintain positive relationships with positive people, you will increase your chances of success in life. Success is about networking, hard work and determination. You have to be able to connect with people, customers, bankers, investors, someone.  Successful people like Oprah, Bill Gates, Jay Z, and any US President connect with a core group that feel and believe what they feel and believe. A positive core group will help you achieve your goals, since positivity attracts more positivity they are bound to know someone that can help you. 

For HR, one of the most effective recruitment/selection tools is the referral.  Everyone has benefited from being referred or referring someone at some point in their life. A good reference can be the deciding factor in gaining acceptance in school, work and even getting a loan.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times a good reference has helped me personally. My great aunt used to tell me all the time, “Having a good attitude will get you far in life.” On the other side I can tell you how damaging a bad attitude can be.  I remember being asked about an applicant for employment, that I had previously worked with at another company. I had to be honest and say that the person had a bad attitude and was difficult to get along with. When interviewing, it is extremely poor taste to go bad mouthing a previous employer, even if it was a train wreck.  Ultimately, if you will get in an interview and talk badly about a company or person to someone you barely know, then you will likely do the same thing if things don’t work with this opportunity. Who really wants bad press?

So, evaluate your inner circle, surround yourself with positive energy and develop a thick skin. Work hard, be relentless in your pursuit, insulate yourself with the right people, and be determined. I am positive you will be successful.