There is a big misconception out there that all HR folks are mean, evil or just plain no fun. We are always making rules and regulations, you can’t joke around us and we manipulate employees all the time for the good of the company. Sustained! Oops I mean, I object! Not all HR folks are tools. We are human too, if you stick us, we will bleed and the blood is usually red. But seriously, we don’t intend to be all those things, and we didn’t start out that way. We enjoy a good laugh. We have politically incorrect thoughts. We love sarcasm too. Just look at the television show “the Office” it’s funny because it’s true.
What’s my point? Here is it, the next time your HR department sends out a rule, or a policy holds a dry boring seminar on harassment or diversity, suggests disciplinary action, questions your intention, or stops you from ordering male/female strippers at the company Christmas party. Don’t blame us, BLAME YOUR FRICKIN’ CO-WORKERS.
Believe it or not, we do not sit around and wonder what we can do to make your life miserable. We want to enjoy new technology just like the next guy. We want to be proactive and use these things to make work better, however each and every time something new comes out, someone finds a way to use it for something inappropriate it.
Late 1980’s early ‘90’s email is all the rage. You can send a letter, a note or other communication in a flash. No more snail mail. No more waiting for that inner office mail. Suddenly, there are claims of harassment, of all kinds. There are complaints of inappropriate jokes and images being sent, and the loss of productivity. Employees that claimed to be overworked now have time to send a bunch of emails per day, all day. ABUSE! Alright next, the internet takes off. Thank you Al Gore. So now you have folks “surfing” the web all day long, and sending emails. ABUSE! After that came IM, good ole instant messages…Do I need to lay it out? ABUSE! Same with cell phones, social media, smart phones, laptops, and blogs.
Now since your co-worker decided to send something racial, or sexual, or harassing, or just nasty! We, HR, got to stop surfing the net, and create a policy against the usage/abuse of this new thing. Do you think we’d have all these laws if your co-workers would do the right thing in the first place? Anytime a super nerd comes up something great, a super jerk finds a way to use it for something in offensive. Therefore we have to react. When I say co-worker, I mean managers, supervisors, HR folks too. Yeah! HR folks have been guilty of violating the very rules they create, the very laws we asked to uphold and enforce. I blame my co-workers!
This is not a post about morality or ethics, it’s about how “man” (a human being) finds a way to gratify his urges at any risk, at any time, at any place. Because of it, someone has to protect him from himself. So when that policy defining email or manual is sent out, just look over to your co-worker and say “It’s your fault.”