The recent pending case against Wal-Mart, got me thinking,1.5M women are suing for Equal Pay and Sex discrimination, what is the average salary in America? What is the average male salary? The average female salary? What is the average salary in my area? and finally what about breaking it down along lines of race?
I’ve been researching this for a couple of days, and here is what I found. First, there is a lot of data out there, I am using several articles from as recent as 2007. For sake of this article we will leave out education levels (although they impact salary immensely).
So here we go, the average US male income is somewhere around $47k per year. Women earn about 72% of that, which is $34k. Black males typically earn about 75% of white male salaries.
In Memphis, the average salary is for a white male is $32k. Female is $26k. So based on national averages black males would earn around 75% of white males which is $24k.
This does not include information from the lastest Census. (because I could not find it) and it does not represent family (men and women or multiple income families) income. So, is the playing field level? No, look at coaches salaries in sports. Espn had a great statistic regarding white male coaches and black male coaches, which earn about $1.1M less (on average). Look at the Presidents of the United States, Barack Obama he is worth $5M, previous President, is worth $20M, and Clinton is worth $38M.
If you are beating these averages, good for you. But just think whatever you make, someone doing the same thing is making more, and they may be sitting next you.